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"Pho" is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles, fresh vegetables, herbs and meat.

The best part about these noodle bowls in Centennial CO is that we offer a large variety and there is a unique and flavorful taste in each of our dishes that will find and please any taste bud. What you don't know is that Pho is not just something you try once and walk saying, "Wow that was good, what's next?" 

Instead, Pho noodle soups and Vietnamese grill is something you crave. A true "Pho-natic" will want this daily!

"I've been a Pho fan for years and I've tried Vietnamese noodle bowls and grill all over Colorado and California. Everyone of these fine establishments have their own unique qualities. Some I like more than others but If you're looking for noodle bowls in Centennial CO, in my experience the food and service are five-stars all the way."  -  Marshall C. Adler, Sky High Media, LLC

A Brief History of Pho:

Pho originated in the early 20th century in northern Vietnam, apparently southeast of Hanoi in Nam Định Province, then a substantial textile market. The traditional home of pho is reputed to be the villages of Vân Cù and Dao Cù (or Giao Cù) inĐông Xuân commune, Nam Trực District, Nam Định Province.

According to villagers, pho was eaten in Vân Cù long before the French colonial period when it was popularized. Pho was originally sold at dawn and dusk by roaming street vendors, who shouldered mobile kitchens on carrying poles(gánh phở).

​From the pole hung two wooden cabinets, one housing a cauldron over a wood fire, the other storing noodles, spices, cookware, and space to prepare a bowl of pho.

Fast Forward to Modern Times:

Vietnamese noodle bowls and grill is fast becoming one of the most highly sought-after Asian cuisines in the United States.

If you like any type of Asian cuisine or soups with hot aromatic broths, you'll fall in love with Pho Khang's amazing take on Pho noodle bowls. Enjoy some of the best infused ingredients and take in the "electrolyte-giving" elements. 

Guests who experience a healthy fulfilling bowl of Pho, no matter what the season, experience healthier appetites and longevity. Want more information?Check out this article on the healing powers of Pho and electrolytes.

The next time you're in town or online looking for "noodle bowls Centennial CO", think of Pho Khang AKA Pho "Good Health"!

What Is "Pho" And Why?

Try our delicious fruit BOBA smoothies along side your entrée  and don't forget to stop by during our full service bar for our HAPPY-HOUR specials from 4pm to 7pm weekdays and all day weekends.

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Healthy, Tasty, & Fresh

We use fresh produce from local farmer's markets, fresh meats, and we grill our  meats fresh when you order.

Are you a Pho fan? Come and taste a small corner of Vietnam where aromatic broth's mixed with lush greens and herbs fill the air and where a guest comes hungry and leaves happy every time!

We offer everyone a unique selection of the healthiest Pho noodle bowls Centennial CO has to offer.

Our Pho noodle bowls and soups include: beef, chicken, seafood and vegetarian; we also offer a variety of grilled meat, rice plates, vegetarian items,  gluten free entrees and other Asian favorites such as Pad Thai, Sesame Chicken, Orange Chicken, Shrimp Paste, "TU QUY" and more.

Voted "best Pho in Centennial CO!"
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